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Flipster V3 | Winch License Plate Mounting system | Hawse & Roller Fairlead Compatible


Out of Stock - Shipping in February

The Cascadia 4x4 Flipster V3 is the best answer to a problem many of us face after installing a winch on our vehicles: where does one mount their license plate in a visible and legal location without detracting from the aesthetics of their Jeep, Truck, or SUV? The Flipster V3 solves this issue while retaining full functionality of your winch. Simply flip up your license plate and The Flipster V3 holds it in any position.

  • The Flipster has been completely redesigned! We went back to the drawing board and created the Flipster V3. It combines the best elements of both the Hawse and Roller Flipsters into one versatile package. The Flipster V3 is the best license plate mounting option for vehicles with winches.

    - Roller AND Hawse fairlead compatible! The new design also provides the user with the option to run an aftermarket winch hook (like the Factor 55 Flatlink). The Flipster V3 is even compatible with recessed winch fairleads.

    - Uses the highest quality torque hinge available. The hinge is made of marine-grade zinc alloy, has no backlash, and can withstand well over 20,000 usage cycles.

    - The included aluminum spacer allows the Flipster V3 to work with either Hawse or Roller fairleads. Also included is stainless steel hardware, license plate surround, and multiple Cascadia 4x4 vehicle decals.

    - High durability, UV rated powdercoat finish. This is the highest quality finish available for aluminum.